FAQ’s for 2017 Participating Organizations


Load-in: 3:00 pm. Parking and check-in info coming soon. We will provide 2 chairs but no linens. Power source is not guaranteed so please charge up. You will not be allowed to hang any signage on the walls. Displays will be restricted to what will fit on your six ft table, if you choose to bring floor displays – be warned that there might not be enough room and you will be asked to remove it.

Load-out: 8:00 pm


There will be a cash bar but no food. You may give out pre-wrapped food at your table but no drinks.

Table tents with the following info will be supplied for you to display at your table:

  • Your organization’s name
  • The performance schedule
  • Raffle information
  • Event Hashtags


  • The raffle winners will be drawn following the event.
  • We will email you the name and contact info of the person that wins your raffle item.
  • You will then reach out to the winner to make arrangements for delivery.
  • It is recommended you bring your raffle item (or a photo of it) and highlight it at your table, we will have computers there for people to enter the raffle. They can also enter from their phones and online right now! Here’s the link – enter to win raffle here.
  • Here’s a highlight page for the raffle – link here.
  • Here’s the page for you to enter your raffle item – submit raffle item info here.
  • Is the raffle mandatory? No
  • Why should I enter the raffle? Each participating organization receives the list of entries.

Social Media

  • Culture Collision 9 logo – click here.
  • Facebook Cover – click here.
    • Description for photo: Come see us at Culture Collision 9, August 30 from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. Sign up early for the huge free raffle right link here  [If you are donating a raffle item, here’s a good place to mention it..] Raffle Facebook Cover link here.
  • Facebook Profile Pic – link here.
    • Description can be same as above or highlight what you will have on your table at Culture Collision.
  • Instagram and Twitter – please take photos at the event and tag @Cutlturenola for both. We’d love to see your pics and tweets leading up to the night and even after! (they will automatically fill in on our home page too)
  • Hashtags – #culturecollision9 #culturenola

Culture Collision Website

  • Feature photo – we are not highlighting logo’s here, we will use only photos that represent what you do as an organization. To be clear: NO LOGOS FOR FEATURE PHOTO.
  • Feature photo specs – 678 x 381 pixels at 300 dpi – with a photo credit and caption. If you can not send a photo to spec, but please do try, then please at the very least submit a horizontal image.
  • Copy – Please take this opportunity to engage with our online visitor! Send your social media links and some fun non-broiler plate copy, tell a story or do an interview…talk directly to one person. It’s time we were all honest – broiler plate copy is boring! Right? I challenge each of you to take 15 minutes out of your day to write something brand new to compel a new person to visit your table at Culture Collision. 

Cancellation Policy

No refunds will be offered for table reservations. If Culture Collision is cancelled for any reason, the funds will be used to pay for your table the following year. If you can not attend Culture Collision after reserving and paying for a table this year and the event is not cancelled, you will not receive a refund. There is no rain date.

Culture Collision Contact