Women’s National Book Association

A Dialogue with the Women’s National Book Association of New Orleans

“Did you know Tania’s in the WNBA?”

“She can’t play basketball!”

“This B stands for Books. And this WNBA came first, almost 80 years before the other. In fact, the first WNBA is celebrating its Centennial this year.”

“Tania reads all the time, but she’s not a writer.”

“The group’s not just writers, though the WNBA has them, all kinds, journalists, even bloggers. Members are also academics, publishers, booksellers, editors.”

“So mostly those in the industry?”

“Not necessarily. Tania’s helping a lawyer, a literacy advocate and a poet organize the NOLA Chapter’s annual fall National Reading Group Month event.”

“That sounds like the start of a joke. Three women walk into a bar…”

“The event‘s gonna be at your local library. Librarians are a big part of the WNBA, teachers too, but everyone’s invited.”

“Claude runs a reading group. He might be interested.”

“He’s a Chapter member.”

“You said it was the W-NBA.”

“Men can join. The WNBA was founded when women were excluded from national publishing gatherings, so they created their own. The whole point is to support the book community. And everyone should be a reader. Don’t you read mysteries?”

“They’re my favorite. I love all the series, but I like discovering new writers too. ”

“Each year the NOLA Chapter administers the Pinckley prizes for women crime writers, one for a distinguished body of work and the other for a debut novel.”

“A body? That’s appropriate. Get it? Ha! Why aren’t you a member?”

“I am. How do you think I know so much? Meeting and networking with such diverse passionate booklovers has been stimulating, inspiring and just plain fun. Come to Culture Collision at the CAC on May 30th. You’ll meet other members and you can find out more.”

“Sounds good. I’ll bring my basketball.”

“You don’t even need to bring a book. In fact, we’ll be giving away some. See you then.”

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