The Creativity Collective

Impacting the Community with Creativity
The Creativity Collective is an artistic workforce with a community focus calling upon the talents of area entrepreneurs, artists, parents, and students to impact New Orleans issues with innovative solutions.

Now Projects
The Collective’s year-long fundraising focus is Gradeuxity, which boosts incentive for high-school students to graduate by awarding them a $50 check in a booklet of life-skills.
The Collective has crawl fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for Gradeuxity:
March 5 – Leprecrawl: Leprechaun pub crawl and block party in Mid City. FB
July 23 – Corset Crawl: Freret Street pub crawl and fashion walk in Corsets. FB
September 17 – Bridal Crawl: FQ pub crawl and second-line in wedding dresses. FB
The Creative Resource Directory (CRD) A print and web directory showcasing the New Orleans’ creative and cultural economy. ( FB
Nolalit is The Collective’s book club that celebrates and reinforces local culture with profound literature, cinema adaptations, and related field trips. FB
Fauxmosa craft mocktail menu featuring seven drinks to improve beverage options for non-drinkers in social settings. FB

Our Mission

  • Grow partnerships between creative individuals and the community
  • Foster families in a creative environment
  • Spark a sense of community within our creative/cultural economy and create awareness
  • Incubate artistic growth through arts education, travel, and networking
  • Promote artistic expression as a path towards mental and physical health
  • Develop inspirational meeting spaces for creative individuals and the public
  • Create projects that provide education, resources, experience, and exposure for creative individuals

The Spirit of The Creativity Collective

  • We believe creativity improves our quality of life
  • We define artists as entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are artists
  • We believe creativity is the natural byproduct of enthusiasm
  • We are lifelong learners and students of vision
  • We are dedicated to the life of an idea