National Performance Network/Visual Artist Network (NPN/VAN)

The National Performance Network/Visual Artist Network (NPN/VAN) is a group of diverse cultural organizers, including artists, working to create meaningful partnerships and to provide leadership that enables the practice and public experience of the arts in the U.S.

COLLABORATION, CREATIVITY, and COMMUNITY are our core values. NPN/VAN cultivates collaborations among artists, communities, arts organizers and institutions that deepen the public’s relationship with artistic practice. It supports creativity by investing in artists and organizations to develop new work. NPN/VAN engages communities by supporting the ability of artists and partners to participate more deeply with varied communities, providing access to diverse cultural expression. Its most recent project is Arts Estuary 1024, a multi-tenant arts facility, supporting a collaborative environment that fosters the growth and development of artists and organizations dedicated to creativity and local engagement in New Orleans.

Arts Estuary 1024 serves as a cultural hub for adjacent neighborhoods and supports the growth of a cultural infrastructure in New Orleans. We provide administrative offices, space for cultural events and community meetings, rehearsal space, administer our fiscal sponsorship program and local network, and create an intentional climate for collaboration. Additional opportunities that exist via Arts Estuary 1024 are to keep artists here and working, to preserve the cultural traditions of our neighborhood, to center the voices of artists in the fight against displacement, to provide economic development opportunities for artists, and ultimately to support artists and culture bearers from the neighborhood.
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