Funny Bones Improv

Funny Bones Improv

Last year at Culture Collision we collected some really funny kid friendly jokes and we’re going to do it again this year! So bring your best joke to share with us. Funny Bones Improv is a registered 501c3 charitable organization. Our mission is to share the gifts and benefits of laughter with sick children, their families, and their caregivers, in multiple hospitals across Chicago and New Orleans through volunteer comedy improvisation performances.

Hospital visits and long-term stays can be stressful for everyone, especially children. Through Funny Bones Improv, we provide children with an opportunity to play with laughter and hopefully brighten their day, add a smile and a hearty laugh to reduce their stress.

Here’s a sneak peak into why Funny Bones Improv exists from a recent Facebook post from founder, Jolene Fehler:

Tonight, I had the privilege of performing for an 18 month old boy and his parents. We were asked to visit this family’s room to do a quick, in-room Funny Bones Improv performance because we were told “the family had a very hard day”. When we walked in, we found the sweet 18 month old with a very big bandage on his head and a big beautiful smile on his face, sitting on his mama’s lap. Both parents looked exhausted and even though they weren’t crying in that moment, it was written all over their faces that tears had poured today. I can’t even comprehend what their day must have felt like. We only stayed briefly in that room, but we played an improv game of Talking Pillars, where mom and dad got to provide some of the words (like mad-libs) to our scene. Our scene was silly, and nonsensical, about a game of ketchup baseball. But those parents. They laughed. For a few brief moments, in their very hard day, they laughed. There are not words to capture how very very grateful and honoured I am to be a part of those very personal moments.

Check us out! Stop by our table and share a joke.

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