Friends of Culture

Friends Of Culture produces the Caribbean Festival of New Orleans, known as Bayou Bacchanal. The festival is held the first weekend in November. The festival is the celebration of the music, customs, and diversity of the Caribbean people. It’s open to the general public.

Friends of Culture provides a cultural link between the Greater New Orleans area and the island nations of the Caribbean. Through this link, Friends of Culture shares the rich and festive traditions of the Caribbean with the general public through its hosting of Bayou Bacchanal: The Caribbean Festival of New Orleans, highlighting Soca music and dances of the region. Additionally, Friends of Culture is able to use its political connections to assist island nation nationals with official paperwork and embassy affairs.

Friends of Culture is the premier organization able to provide information on the diverse cultures of the Caribbean, as well as the primary point of contact for anyone needing assistance navigating through political and societal issues associated with the Caribbean national governments. Bayou Bacchanal: The Caribbean Festival of New Orleans is an economic boon for the Greater New Orleans area through its ability to spotlight all sorts of Caribbean music, especially Soca music, and attract international sponsorship and participation.