Beauregard-Keyes House

Built in 1826 for local auctioneer Joseph Le Carpentier, the Beauregard-Keyes House encompasses a complex of 19th and 20th Century buildings and gardens. American born architect Francois Correjolles designed the house, and the raised center-hall cottage in Federal Style features both Creole and American architectural influences making the House a unique aspect of the French Quarter Landscape. 5 families have owned the house in it’s 200 year history, among them an Italian wine merchant family (subject of our Summer 2017 exhibit) and Frances Parkinson Keyes, a famous author in the mid-20th Century, who is largely responsible for restoring the house. The main house is decorated with 19th Century period furnishing, which stands in contrast to the carriage house, where Mrs. Keyes lived, and which has been maintained as a 1950s writers studio.